One of the primary goals of "Corporation "Spetszashchita" LTD is revealing and suppression of activity on manufacture and selling of counterfeit means of protection as at use in conditions of extreme situations of fakes citizens subject themselves to the inadmissible risk connected with causing of harm of a life and health.

For consumers it means, that in case of application of products to destination it can lead to tragical consequences, down to death. And in case of check of property by state structure and revealing counterfeit, you will be again compelled to finance purchase of gas masks.

As actions of the firms realizing forged gas masks, cause real damage and a loss of business reputation of manufacturers all materials about such deliveries are transferred by our enterprise in bodies of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for carrying out of investigatory actions and as in structures of the Ministry of Emergency Measures for carrying out of checks about suitability of products to operation and storage.

IMPORTANT! At purchase personal protection equipment it is necessary to pay attention to presence of marks. Marks on anti-gas, combined and anti-aerosol filters necessarily should contain:

  • a trade mark of a manufacturer;
  • a symbol and mark of the filter;
  • date of manufacturing and-or working life;
  • designation State Standard to which there corresponds the filter.

Besides it is necessary to demand the certificate of conformity and the operation manual or the description, the passport on a product and the maintenance instruction. It is necessary to be convinced that got personal protection equipment correspond to that are described in certificate of conformity.

Corporation "Spetszashchita" is ready to offer the help on carrying out of examination of put production in factory laboratories of manufacturers with the purpose of revealing of substandard and counterfeit production.

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