Open joint-stock company Tambovmash

The open joint-stock company “Tambovmash” is a diversified and multi-activity enterprise, that was established more than 60 years ago on March, 1944.

The history of the plant is a striking example of the development of domestic industry.

In 1944 the State Committee for Defense decided to set up the boiler and mechanical plant on the basis of a suspended construction site. Kirill Mefodievich Konstantinov was appointed its first director. In November, 1945 the plant was put into operation and by the end of the year produced the first lots of agricultural machinery spare parts. In 1946 the production of the simplest chemical equipment was mastered at the plant and in 1947 the manufacture of the complex chemical equipment (heat exchangers, refrigerators, condensers, evaporators, tube-in-tube-type heat-exchange apparatus, cylindrical capacity vessel and apparatus for liquid and gaseous media) was launched. In 1962 OJSC “Tambovmash” for the first time in the USSR produced the first lots of polyethylene tubes for water supply and underground gas pipelines. In 1974 the production of electro dialysis units for desalting mineralized waters and purifying water was launched. The range of the products manufactured by the enterprise is steadily expanding: the manufacture of viscosity breaking flare’s complete equipment , filters and filter elements for motor vehicles, tractors, combines and diesel locomotives was developed. We supply our equipment for OJSC “Novolipetsk integrated metallurgical works”, OJSC “Nizhny Tagil integrated metallurgical works”, OJSC “Usolye-Khimprom”, OJSC “Pigment”, OJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim”, OJSC “KAMAZ” and many other companies.

After the economic councils of the Ministry of Chemical Industry were liquidated, the newly created department of inorganic chemicals production shifted the plant to its main profile – the manufacture of personal and collective means of chemical protection of respiratory organs. From that time on the enterprise has been one of the largest leading producers of human’s respiratory protection equipment. OJSC “Tambovmash” plays the leading role in supplying this equipment for the enterprises of the Defense Ministry, the Ministry for Affairs of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Border Guard Service and the Navy, energy sector, chemical, oil processing, gas, metallurgical, coal mining and other industries and rail transportation of Russia. For many years the export supplies of personal and collective respiratory protective equipment have been carried out into the near and distant countries: Ukraine, Byelorussia (Belarus), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Egypt, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, the Middle East and other countries.

As an enterprise, the open joint-stock company “Tambovmash” has great manufacturing capability, well equipped production basis and qualified personnel. When designing and launching new product, modern methods and means of making out documents are used that

makes it possible to choose an optimal version of the product meeting the customer’s requirements, and to develop its design, try out and serialize it. New, more effective and comfortable respiratory protection equipment with higher protective properties came into existence. The enterprise’s qualified specialists will suggest effective measures to ensure labor safety and will instruct and provide professional training of the personnel using personal respiratory protective equipment.

Today we can offer our potential customers the whole range of personal and collective respiratory protective equipment for protecting working person from adverse factors of industrial environment directly either in manufacturing process or during repair works: gas masks – civilian masks GP-7, GP-7V, GP-7VMT, GP-8V, VK; isolating gas masks IP-4M, IP-4MK, IP-5, IP-6; hose gas masks PSh-1S, PSh-1B, PSh-1B-20, PSh-20RV (RV-2), PSh-20ERV (ERV-2), PSh-40 RV (ERV); industrial gas masks PPF-95, PPF-95S, PPF-95M; portable breathing apparatus PDA; gas and dust respirators RU-60M, gas respirators RPG-67, RG-T, aerosol respirators F-62Sh, RPA-TD, U-2K; filtering and ventilating units for air supply systems of ground machinery (box vans) and complete equipment sets for civil shelters. The production of catalyst carbons for fitting out respiratory protection equipment was developed and launched.

The protection of the population against fires and other e mergency situations of various characters is one of the most important components of national security. In our country these matters are given much attention. Human losses or health loss as a result of fire is mainly connected with poisoning by toxic products of burning and burns of the upper part of respiratory tracts. The production of the self-rescuers SFP-1 and SIP-1 designed for equipping buildings and premises with massive amount of people at the time of evacuation from fire area and contaminated area in the event of man-caused accidents, natural disasters and terrorist acts is one of the most important areas of activity at the OJSC “Tambovmash”.

When the self-rescuers were designed much attention was devoted not only to meeting the technical requirements specified by state standards and other normative documents, but to satisfying the product’s ergonomical characteristics. Modern materials are used in the self-rescuers’ design. At the design stage some margin of safety in protective capacity of the products was added that guarantees safe protection during their service. The self-rescuer SFP-1 was designed according to the fire safety regulations NPB-302-2001 requirements.

The chemically bound oxygen self-rescuer SIP-1 fully isolates respiratory organs from ambient air and, consequently, provides normal breathing practically regardless of this air’s oxygen and harmful substance content. The self-rescuer SIP-1 was designed according to the fire safety regulations NPB-169-2001 requirements.

The SFP-1 and SIP-1 self-rescuers’ hoods are made from highly flame retardant, air-tight material with heat reflecting coating resistant to short-time effect of open flame and high temperature. The material of these hoods withstands the action of surface-active substances.

The self-rescuers are manufactured ready to use and do not need any individual fitting.

The quality of products is confirmed by the diplomas of domestic and international competitions. At the all-Russian competition “The best 100 products of Russia“ the isolating hose gas mask PSh-2 and filtering fire self-rescuer SFP-1 were awarded the prize-winner diploma – the Golden badge; the isolating fire self-rescuer SIP-1 was given the Diploma of 1st

degree –the Silver badge. The self-rescuers SIP-1, SFP-1 were recognized as the best technical design and sales leaders among fire engineering products at the exhibition “Fire safety of XXI century”. At the international competition “National security” in the nomination “Guarantee of quality and safety” the self-rescuer SIP-1 was awarded the Gold medal.

In 2005 because of the introduction by the State Standard Agency of Russia of new State Standards for personal respiratory protective equipment that are harmonized with the European standards, our enterprise developed and launched the production of new filters for outfitting industrial filtering gas masks and respirators. The methods of testing filters have changed. New test methods are incorporated into already existing, according to new requirements, design documentation. The design documentation for the industrial gas mask PPF-95 has been worked out, the production facilities to manufacture respirators on the basis of RU-60M, RPG-67, AVEK brand, have been made ready for operation according to the new GOST requirements.

The new product – the small-size evacuation kit for emergency situations MEK-ChS1T designed for emergency evacuation out of the contaminated area in the event of man-made accidents, natural disasters and terrorist acts, that is protecting respiratory organs and head from harmful chemical substances to provide protection for the personnel of various industrial sectors and the population - adults and children over 12, was developed and its production has been started. The production engineering of the new personal respiratory protective equipment at the OJSC “Tambovmash” ensures the development of its serial production.

In 2006, based on the results of the analysis and taking into account the market research on the filters that outperform the previously produced ones, the enterprise’s technical council decided to make out the documentation and organize the production of the large-size combination filter FK-5RSh with unwrapped mix material (for industrial gas masks). At the time of elaborating the filter documentation the long-year experience of the operation of our enterprise was taken into account, patent search was conducted and various variations of the design were studied. As a result, the OJSC “Tambovmash” has developed the highly efficient filter enabling to combine its long service life and low breathing resistance. This combination has made it possible to dramatically increase the consumer properties of this filter.

At the end of 2006 the OJSC “Tambovmash” launched the serial production of chemical lime absorber (KhP-I). The KhP-I absorber is one of the most effective carbon dioxide absorbers and designed for fitting personal and collective regenerative breathing apparatus and devices used in national economy, at the special-purpose facilities of the Defense Ministry and other law-enforcing agencies. There is an established production provided with modern equipment, including laboratory one, for testing raw stock, materials and finished products. The tests are conducted by using all GOST 6755-88 parameters. The enterprise’s inspection department officers and the RF Defense Ministry’s representatives conduct the acceptance of the finished products.

The OJSC “Tambovmash” has the introduced certified quality management system compliant with the GOST R ISO 9001 – 2001 requirements. The product manufacture is carried out under the license No 4607-B-VT-P and the utilization of personal and collective respiratory protective equipment is conducted under the license No 4609-B-VT-U.

There is a full on-receipt inspection of raw stock, materials and components, and the operating procedure is strictly observed. Each product batch is subjected to all types of inspection and control specified by acting state standards and specifications. The central laboratory of the OJSC “Tambovmash” is accredited by the State Standard Agency of Russia and its work is carried out according to the GOST R ISO/MEK 17025-2000 requirements.

All defensive products undergo the inspection department’s acceptance and the acceptance by the RF Defense Ministry’s representative.

There are more than 600 items of high quality competitive products ready for shipment every day.

The quality of our products is a basis and reason to have confidence in the enterprise.

Today the OJSC “Tambovmash” is a modern enterprise that guarantees timely and short-time supplies of the products into any region of the country and abroad.

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