Open joint-stock company Sorbent

CJSC Sorbent manufactures a wide range of products in the following product lines:

  • Activated carbons, chemical absorbents and absorbent-based catalysts;
  • Industrial and special-purpose survival and rescue equipment;
  • Filtering cloths for protective equipment;
  • Water purification and treatment;
  • Oil-product gathering equipment.

In 1939, the Company started its operation with production of activated carbons. First warfare gasmasks using activated carbons were manufactured in 1942. Over 65 years the Company has been operating in the market of personal respiratory protection.

CJSC Sorbent develops, manufactures and supplies personal protective and rescue equipment for emergency operations, rescue and recovery operations, emergency escape from hazardous areas following a manmade disaster, smoke-filled areas and fires, for use by civil defense and emergency forces, for labour protection and occupational safety.

Highly-skilled personnel carries out R&D on new sorbent agents and personal protective equipment with high customer properties.

The company supplies personal respiratory protective equipment to almost all industries, to over 1000 enterprises and organizations in Russia and the CIS-countries. A number of products are EC-certified allowing supplies to the EU.

In 2003, the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Gosstandart of Russia) adopted new GOST standards harmonized with the European norms (EN). Following these innovations, Sorbent was among the first companies to have enhanced its industrial personal respiratory protective equipment to comply with these norms.

The innovative solutions used in the development and upgrade of respirators and gas masks enable to offer the state-of-the-art high performance personal respiratory protective equipment to its customers.

Today, the Company offers a range of up-to-date filtering masks with MAG panoramic vision visor and DOT® filters in compliance with Russian GOST standards harmonized with European standards for occupational safety.

In addition to the development of industrial respiratory protection, the Company puts an emphasis on development of respiratory protective equipment for civil defense.

The Company has been producing civilian protective masks for adult application for over 40 years since 1964; the child protective masks have been manufactured since 1970. GP7 is a third-generation civilian protective mask with an over 25-year history, still being in service with civil defense and emergency forces. The GP7 mask has been developed to provide protection against weapons of mass destruction, including toxic agents, radioactive dust, and bacterial aerosols. In case the protection against hazardous chemical agents including ammonia is required, the GP7 mask and its modifications are delivered with DPG-3 additional cartridge.

Analysis of industrially used hazardous chemical agents has shown that in case of emergency the civilians residing close to chemically dangerous objects need protection basically against ammonia, chlorine, and organic vapours.

Based on this conclusion, in 2000, the Company designed an alternative to the GP7 mask - VK filtering protective mask with UZS VK general-purpose protective system with higher protective properties. Resistance time against toxic agents was increased by 10-15%, dimensions of a filter canister were reduced, the mask having become more reliable, comfortable to wear and convenient to store. In 2005, the VK-UZS VK mask was introduced into norms of equipping noncombatant rescue services by order of the Ministry of emergencies of Russia.

However, as a result of a stage-by-stage introduction of new Russian GOST standards harmonized with EN European norms in 2003-2005, the Company was confronted with a question of improving the VK mask and developing a new double-purpose mask combining properties of both civilian and industrial masks. New features introduced to VK filters of a new UZS-VK mask enable to implement a fundamental principle of double purpose, which allows applying the same personal respiratory protective equipment for civilian and industrial protection, which is validated by related certificates.

The Company was one of the leading implementers of "Industrial program on enhancement of personal protective equipment provision to personnel of industrial enterprises and emergency response forces of the Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia for 2002-2006", approved 30.10.2001 by order of the Minister. Department of Security and Emergencies of the Ministry of Atomic Energy, was the state client and coordinator of the Program.

As part of this Program, a wide range of personal respiratory protective equipment has been developed and implemented to the benefit of the Ministry of Atomic Energy in collaboration with the state scientific center - the Moscow Institute of biophysics:

  • highly efficient respirators and gas masks for use in various industrial conditions and emergency situations.

Being under the risk of accidents and probable contamination of adjacent areas with radioactive nuclides and hazardous chemical agents at the industrial enterprises of the Ministry of Atomic Energy, population of these areas can take advantage of this equipment, as well.

However, the problem of respiratory protection of personnel of nuclear power plants and nuclear enterprises against radioactive aerosols and vapours of inorganic and organic compounds of radioactive iodine and hazardous chemical agents still being pressing, the industry needs the double-purpose protection, too.

The Company has wide experience in the development of filtering self-rescuers for industrial application and civil defense and emergency forces. Having widely proved its efficiency, the GDZK-U gas and smoke escape set is a rescue equipment for emergency evacuation during fires and manmade disasters meeting the NPB 302-2001 requirements for fire safety. This is a new portable lightweight self-rescuer with SMO-GZ compulsory air supply system designed by order of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in 2008, which is intended for protection during wartime evacuation from contaminated areas and in peace-time emergency situations.

By order of the Ministry of Emergencies, the Company has been recently developing protective equipment for children. These are, for example, the ZKD-GZ protective ensemble with compulsory air supply for children of preschool age and the PDF-GZ child protective mask with compulsory air supply for children of preschool and school age.

High quality of the products manufactured by Sorbent is a result of the closed-cycle production from internally manufactured materials and components, as well as the quality system management complying to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15 standards, introduced at the enterprise, allowing to supervise quality of the products developed and manufactured by Sorbent at all life-cycle stages.

Sorbent is constantly increasing the product range striving for meeting its customer requirements to PPE to fullest extent. In addition to the development and manufacture of its own goods, the Company supplies integrated PPE from the leading Russian manufacturers.

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