Open joint-stock company ECHMP

Open joint stock company "Electrostal chemical-mechanical plant" (OJSC "ECHMP") is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation specializing in development and manufacturing filtering means of individual and collective protection, systems of air and water cleaning from toxic materials, mechanisms in process of their work, filtering materials, catalytic agents, chemical absorbers, moisture eliminators and active carbons, and also utilization of means of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

The plant is founded in 1937 ( Order № 226 according to National Commissariat of Defense Industry USSR from 28.06.1937) as joint stock company - from 06.05.1994. OJSC "ECHMP" is rewarded with medal of Labour Red Flag.

OJSC "ECHMP" is a single manufacturer of series of self-protection means for public needs. State defense order is constantly set for OJSC "ECHMP" and it is accomplished to the fullest extent for all state offices, including Federal Agency on keeping and elimination of Chemical weapon.

OJSC "ECHMP" delivers the following types of goods:

  • Filter-absorber ФП-300-1;
  • Filter-absorber ФП-100CCЭ;
  • Filter-absorber ФП-300CCЭ;
  • Respirator ПФС.

State defense order is 57% in full extent of goods manufactured by OJSC "ECHMP".

Arrangement of utilization of individual and collective protection means used by OJSC "ECHMP" allows to be fully involved in economic transfer of utilization products and provide ecology protection. The main refining methods of ecologically dangerous products utilization of protection means - catalytic agents in new types of products is plant's ownership and secured by Patent of the Russian Federation.

OJSC "ECHMP" is included in the list of strategic enterprises and strategic joint stock companies on the basis of the Russian Federation Order № 1445-p from the 9th of September, 1999, The Russian President Order №1265 from 29th of October, 2003 and The Russian Federation Statement №751 from 11th of December,2003.

OJSC "ECHMP" provides strict quality control of manufactures production, constant development of new technologies, quick and operative fulfillment of orders that makes the plant to be one of the main leaders in its sector. The plant offers only certified production to its partners, all products are conformed with norms GOST and TU.

Address: 144001, Karl Marks Street,1, Electrostal city, Moscow Region,
Tel. 8 (499) 638-36-20, 8 (499) 350-77-37, 8 (496) 570-34-34
Fax 8 (496) 575-00-72

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