Limited Liability Company Corporation "Spetszashchita"- the official branch association representing leading Russian manufacturers of means of individual and collective protection, and as the state interests within the limits of branch.

Corporation "Spetszashchita" LTD it is founded by the Russian enterprises-manufacturers of means of individual and collective protection. Open Society "Tambovmash", Open Society "Sorbent", and Open Society "EHMZ" have allocated with powers Corporation to represent their interests in all state bodies, services and departments, the industrial enterprises and the companies. To prosecute subjects of selling of production and deliveries of raw material, coordination of scientific and technical cooperation, to participate in competitions and the tenders, to be engaged foreign trade.

The list of made production is very wide:

  • Military, civil and industrial gas masks, both filtering, and isolating,
  • Cartridges to respirators and gas masks, spare and additional,
  • Respirators, simple and complex, for industrial needs and for civilians,
  • - Wide scale of self-rescuers, various sort filtering equipment of collective protection for refuges, the ships, planes, railway and transport.

Consumers of production of factories are practically all Federal departments and the power structures, the largest industrial enterprises of the country.

By this production it is formed mobilization reserves of a various level, as Federal, and regional, down to departmental. In laboratories and scientifically research bureaues of factories work above improvement RPD is constantly conducted, new products for protection of children, schoolboys, etc. are created.

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"Corporation 'Spetszashchita'" LTD
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Subway station "Paveletskaya"

Phone: 8 (499) 685-10-53